Free Goodies


ProjectManager was a development tool created for my own personal use: to automate and simplify the process of uploading World of Warcraft addons to the now defunct

It provided both the basic features necessary for managing and uploading projects and other more specific features to help with my specific worklow. The tool was implemented using wxPython, to avoid the need of rebuilding and to be easly portable to new systems.

I now use my own command line tool to upload addons.


This is a simple game I did in one day (11 hours) when applying to DeltaEngine to show knowledge of C#, as I had no interesting finished project in that language to show.

It has some simple but interesting components from an algorithmic point of view. For instance, it uses Catmull-Rom splines to move the monsters smoothly and believably across a set of predefined paths.


Play your own music. FlyBeat is a musical game where you fly a spaceship through floating arcs to earn points. Choose any song, album or playlist to create a different course.

This game was developed as a project for a course of the Major in Computer Science at the University of Coimbra. The requirements were for an interactive program to be deleloped in ActionScript, and extra points were awarded if melody or music mood detection algorithms were used.

The game turned out to be a great sucess, and hence we even considered the option of distributing it. We did not have the required time and manpower to turn it into a finished game though.