Corporate Work


I took a full-time internship at DeltaEngine during my second year at university, while simultaneously studying and taking courses for my major.

When it started, I found the company on a peculiar situation: it had been through a major restructuring, having the engine team been split from the games development team (exDream), for the purpose o building a complete new version of the engine from scratch. The company also wanted, for the very first time, to release the engine both in C# and C++.

I was hired to build the new C++ version, structuring my code based on the work being developed on the C# one. The C++ version used OpenGL, while the other focused on XNA and DirectX. The second focal point of my work was to develop the pillars of the technology that would allow, in the future, to automatically convert any game and large portions of the engine itself automatically from C# to C++.

At the time, this presented itself as a rare opportunity for me: not only I had a chance to work on a new engine with experienced developers, as I could also learn from the old engine and the code being developed on the C# side.

Below are some of the games developed by the company while I was working there. All share the trait of having a single code base, but having been released on several platforms. This was only possible due to the features of the engine:

Arena Wars II

A fast paced 1vs1 game that combines RTS and RPG elements. Matches can be played online against other players, or against an advanced AI with multiple difficulty levels to suit all kinds of players.

Creepy Towers

In a child's dream (or nightmare?), hordes of creeps are trying to invade the house. Player must use the power of imagination to defend it with marvelous animated toys and living household items.

Soulcraft I and II

A dungeon crawler where the player take the role of an angel fighting hordes of demons scattered about famous locations on earth. Mainly targeted for mobile devices.

For more than a year, I have worked for Curse, where I maintained a weekly opinion article on the MMO industry. As a popular add-on developer, I wrote about other game plug-ins that would appeal to the audience Curse attracted.

On some occasions, I would also make videos to accompany and deepen the articles I or others wrote.