My research interests include real-time and photorealistic rendering, facial reconstruction, skin deformations, data driven animation and procedural methods. My current research focuses on modeling realistic humans, particularly reconstructing, animating and rendering human skin.

Interactive Animation of the Eye Region

J. L. Cardoso
Master Thesis, The University of British Columbia, 2016

Interactive Gaze Driven Animation of the Eye Region

D. R. Neog, J. L. Cardoso, A. Ranjan, D. K. Pai
ACM Web3D '16 Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Web3D Technology
Best Paper Award

Gaze Driven Animation of Eyes

D. R. Neog, A. Ranjan, J. L. Cardoso, D. K. Pai
ACM SIGGRAPH/Eurographics Symposium on Computer Animation 2015

Additional Research

Here are the working titles of other research topics I worked on, but did not have the chance to deepen enough or submit for publication. Instead of the publication avenue, the research laboratory or institute is listed.

Facial Reconstruction using Single Light-Field Image

J. L. Cardoso, Nuno Gonçalves
Institute of Systems and Robotics 2018

Precomputed Radiance Transfer for Geometry with Pose Varying Subsurface Properties

João Cardoso, Marc Jarvis, Sheldon Andrews, Simon Labute, Paul Kry, Derek Nowrouzezahrai
Computer Animation and Interaction Capture Lab 2013
Finger Bend Environments Scatter Space