My recent work focuses on modeling realistic humans, particularly reconstructing, animating and rendering human skin. Outside of work, I am primarily known for being the developer of several major addons (third party software) for World of Warcraft, with millions of downloads worldwide. I started programming at a young age and since then I conciliated work with studies.

Work Experience

Work Experience

  • Software EngineerCritical Software

    Sep, 2017 - Present

    Responsible for R&D of an undisclosed big data analytics project using automated machine learning.

  • Computer Vision ResearcherInstitute of Systems and Robotics

    Feb, 2017 - Apr, 20181 year 2 months

    Project funded by the INCM, institution responsible for emission of official documents for several countries, to print 3D holograms of citizen faces in citizenship cards.

    • Researched facial reconstruction using light-field cameras, optimization and machine learning.

    • Implemented a system that generates 3D models from single light field photographs, with both an automated API and a manual user friendly interface.

  • Teaching and Research AssistantUniversity of British Columbia

    Sep, 2014 - Nov, 20162 years 2 months

    Full-time job offered to eligible computer science students at the University of British Columbia, to pay for tuition and living costs.

    • Researched at Sensorimotor System Lab.

    • Taught CPCS 314: Computer Graphics.

  • Undergraduate ResearcherMcGill University

    May, 2013 - Sep, 20134 months

    My work on an undergraduate course served as the starting point of a research project at the Computer Animation and Interaction Capture Lab, supervised by professors Paul Kry (McGill) and Derek Nowrouzezahrai (Université de Montreal).

  • Software Engineer InternDeltaEngine

    Aug, 2012 - Nov, 20123 months

    A game engine that allows to bring .NET games into a vast multitude of platforms, such as Android, iOS and HTML5.

    • Implemented the first versions of the C++ port of the engine.

    • Developed a system for automatic conversion of games in C# into C++.

  • Technical SpecialistCurse Entertainment

    Apr, 2012 - Apr, 20131 year

    Weekly article on gaming software for the first page of a gaming news website.

    • Selected and written articles on open source gaming software.

    • Performed interviews with the developers of spotlighted software.

    • Worked with the product manager, lead editor and the video team to ensure new items were published on a weakly basis.

  • Open Source DeveloperSelf-Employed

    Aug, 2006 - Present

    Unintentionally started own business at the age of 13, developing third party software for the game World of Warcraft. Its golden age is long past, but I love maintaining my projects.

    • Over 90 million downloads.

    • Created more than 20 different projects.





  • Best Paper Award ACM Web3D '16

    Awarded on: Jul 22, 2016

  • Computer Science Merit Award University of British Columbia

    Awarded on: Sep 01, 2014

  • 3% Best Student Award University of Coimbra

    Awarded on: Dec 01, 2012

  • EU - Canada Transatlantic Exchange Program Partnerships Scholarship European Commission

    Awarded on: Jun 01, 2012



  • Mathematics, Non-Degree (Post-Grad), University of Coimbra

    Sep, 2017 - Present

  • Computer Science, Masters, University of British Columbia

    Sep, 2014 - Nov, 2016

  • Computer Science, Exchange, McGill University

    Jan, 2013 - May, 2013

    3.67 GPA
  • Computer Science, Bachelor, University of Coimbra

    Sep, 2011 - Jun, 2014

  • Classical Guitar, Professional Certification, Music Conservatory of Coimbra

    Sep, 2002 - Jun, 2011



  • Programming Languages (prefered)
  • Rendering (speciality)
    Reflectance ModelsPhysically Based Light TransportSpherical HarmonicsSubsurface ScatteringScreen Space Computations
  • Machine Learning (proficient)
    Realtime PredictionAutomated Unsupervised MLSupervised Algorithm SimplificationConvolutional Networks
  • Animation (proficient)
    Deforming GeometryData Driven ModelsSmooth Manifolds
  • Computer Vision (experienced)
    3D ReconstructionLight FieldsNoise RemovalBackground Detection
  • Other (proficient)
    User Interaction PrinciplesUser ExperienceWeb Development