Web Development


Bonifrates is a cultural and theatrical productions collective based in Coimbra. Its website features upcoming events, exibition dates, an history of previous plays and general information regarding the collective.

I was part of Bonifrates, having entered in several plays on main roles. I was asked to make a website for it. I did all the design and engeneering for this project, including administration tools so that other members of the collective could easly change the content of the website without my support.


Booling was the first web application I built. I created it while frequenting my first year of the Computer Science course at the University of Coimbra, out of pure frustration from the existing tools which were used on the course.

I used the project as an opportunity to both enhance my experience developing with CoffeeScript and SASS, without any auxiliar library or framework, as well to learn about the HTML5 standards.

All the design and programming was done by me. Artwork was drawn by Mariana Gomes.


This site was my was my first excuse to start learning about web technologies, as I desired to have a place were I could display my work.

It has significantly evolved along the time and has undergone two complete redesigns (available here and here) as my skills and needs changed. The first two iterations were single handendly programmed and designed by me. The current was based on a free template by HTML5 UP.